financial coaching

Managing money isn’t always easy.

Sometimes, it can be downright confusing. What’s the quickest way to get out of debt? How much do you really need in savings? What’s the best way to create a budget?

It can also be stressful and cause a lot of worry and anxiety. There is often a lot of negative emotion around managing money. Have you ever felt guilty after making a purchase or felt regret for a poor financial decision?

I get it! I rode the financial roller coaster for several years. It’s not fun.

What if you could take control?

Your current situation does not have to dictate your future. You can choose to take control and change it.

I’ve seen clients change their habits, behaviors, mindsets, relationships, and financial future through coaching. And not just with money, but in other areas of their life, including their health, career, and personal growth.

I invite you to a conversation.

Let’s talk about you and your money and how it’s affecting other areas of your life. If you’re tired of trying to figure things out on your own or not getting the results you want, then I invite you to a conversation . . . through a Coaching Session.

Read on to learn how we can work together.

option one

Money Clarity Session


The Clarity Session is a 2-hour deep dive into your unique financial situation. Most of the people I talk to want someone to tell them what to do; they want a plan. That is exactly what this session is designed for.

Together, here a few of the things we will cover.

  • Discuss your goals and the challenges that have been getting in your way.

  • Look at your numbers and get a clear understanding of where you’re starting. No more guessing or wondering.

  • Create a spending and savings plan (budget) that aligns with your values and doesn’t make you give up everything you love doing.

  • Discuss strategies to reduce or eliminate debt as quickly as possible. (If you are already debt free with money in savings, that is even more reason to have a plan and be intentional with where your money is going.)

  • Strategies, tips, and resources tailored to your situation

When we are done with this session, you will know what action steps you need to take next.

After the Clarity Session, you may decide that you feel confident enough to carry out the plan on your own. Or you may decide that you would like some additional support, accountability, and encouragement as you implement the plan.

If you would like to continue meeting for individual financial coaching, as many do, then we can discuss what that looks like during a follow-up session. Coaching is most beneficial as a long-term process and is proven to typically give you the fastest results.

You can take charge of your finances today!

option two

Financial Jumpstart Session


If the Clarity Session is a bit much for your wallet right now or if you feel you just need a simple review of your current budget, the Jumpstart Session is a great alternative. It’s not as comprehensive as the Clarity Session, but you will still get a solid plan with strategies and action steps.

The Jumpstart Session is a 1-hour review to help get you going in the right direction.

option three

Q&A Introduction Session


Not sure if you’re ready for the Money Clarity or Financial Jumpstart Session yet? Still have questions? No worries. During this 30-minute Q&A session, we’ll discuss your current situation, and I’ll also answer any questions you have about financial coaching. It’s an easy no-pressure way for us to get to know one another and see if working together will be a good fit.

I am approaching the one-year anniversary of the day my last remaining parent passed. When my mother died, I inherited significant wealth. I have been working with Tina since November, 2018. I was struggling financially at the time. Tina has been by my side ever since. Today, I feel so much more confident about money. One of my greatest challenges upon inheriting money was to properly manage that money. A year later, I am proud of myself for the financial choices I have made. Three years ago, I needed to consult with Tina on a more frequent basis. My choices were often poor. As my relationship with Tina has grown, I am much better at identifying any cause of financial concern and managing that concern independently. If I make a money mistake, I immediately think of Tina and consider what I know she would say. As a result, when I make a mistake–and many of us make such mistakes–I keep the damage to a minimum and focus on eliminating or minimizing such mistakes. I highly recommend Antrim Financial Coaching.” —Timothy