Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Are you worried about how you will pay for the next unexpected expense? Do you make a good income, but struggle to save money and get out of debt?

If you answered yes to these questions, Escape the Paycheck to Paycheck Trap is the book you need to read. In this invaluable guide, I offer a candid discussion of what is really going on with your money. Having lived the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle for many years, I understand the challenges and fears that might keep you awake at night. I share my story and the strategies I used to become debt-free and have abundant cash flow.

In Escape the Paycheck to Paycheck Trap, you will

  • Learn how your money story and money mindset affect your relationship with your finances.

  • Discover the two primary reasons why people struggle financially and how to overcome them.

  • Identify what spending trigger is most likely keeping you trapped.

  • Create concrete financial goals that align with your values and your Why-What-How.

  • Devise a spending plan that allows you to scale the debt mountain.

  • Prepare for the curve balls that life throws at the worst times.

“A must read! What a fantastic book! The author meets you where you are and provides insight and guidance to move you through your journey. Whether you no longer want to live pay check to pay check, desire to eliminate your debt, or aspire to gain knowledge on wealth management, this book will facilitate you towards the right path. Also, it gets in your head and stays with you. Your choices will change for the better, and you will have a solid understanding of what is most important in your life as far as wants vs. needs. The author provides a sense of the past is the past and our mistakes are learning opportunities to not only help yourself, but others. This book leaves you with much gratefulness and gratitude, as well as a deep sense of compassion towards yourself so you can live your best life!” —Cheryl M.

“Having gone through classes on budgeting and debt-free living, I didn’t expect to read much that I hadn’t already heard before. But this book is different. The author is a financial coach, but she’s also a counselor, which brings a unique blend to her approach. She’s so open and relatable, walking the reader not only through real, practical changes they can make with their finances, but also leading them through a discovery of their own emotions, history, and triggers related to money. Readers will find that they are not alone, as the book is filled with examples and stories of hope–including the author’s. This isn’t a book that will make people feel bad or guilty about where they’re at financially–it’s one that will encourage and inspire!” —Jennifer

“This book separates the decisions from the emotions and gives you permission to be in control and drop any shame. The author shares real stories, and they just combine to remind you that it’s okay to start where you are. Great for a graduate, newly marrieds and anyone who just needs to reboot their attitude and behaviors toward their financial future!” —Trudy

“Anyone who wants to take control of their finances should read this book. It is filled with excellent ideas and strategies to break free from living week to week or month to month. From starting an emergency fund to paying off debt, this book covers it all.” —Amazon Reader